This is our second time working with the owner of this home. A couple years ago we did their whole front yard with a paving stone driveway, stairs, walls and rock garden area. This year is the back yard. We started by preparing the area to have this small shipping container swimming pool craned over the house and installed. Once the swimming pool was in place we did the paving stone patio, walls, deck and planting. This project turned out great and the owners now have a full front and back yard maintenance free, all installed by Nicholson Landscaping. We are very proud of the quality of this project as all our guys worked hard together to bring this final result to the client.


This lovely couple came to us needing some help make their back yard more functional, less maintenance and easier to entertain guests. We started by taking apart the deck and extended it by 15 feet to set the height of the beautifully coloured retaining wall and paving stones. Specifically designed is a small little flagstone walkway and patio up the steps in the garden to catch the evening sun. On top of the wall also sits a low maintenance garden area with some specifically chosen plants for them to enjoy all year round. Not pictured here is also the side access has been extensively cleaned up and filled with crush rock for a clean area to enter the yard from the side.


This wonderful couple trusted us again for the second time in as many years. Last year we did a small retaining wall and low maintenance garden area in the front yard, so this year was our chance to complete this full yard renovation. This year round, fully functional back yard has provided everything the clients wanted. A great sitting area under the pergola with a fireplace and ambient lighting, while listening to the sounds of a flowing gurgler. The combination of paving stones, artificial grass, river rock and garden beds will mean this low maintenance area will not need much attention except maybe some fall leaves and what ever they decide to plant in the gardens. We are very please with the outcome of this property and I’m sure our clients will be able to enjoy it for many many years to come.