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Nicholson Landscaping is a small, Port Moody Landscaping company owned and operated by journeyman landscape professional Ryan Nicholson. Since Ryan is proficient in all aspects of landscaping ranging from excavation and installation to plant identification and lawn care, we are able to offer landscaping services at reasonable rates while still providing superior quality craftsmanship for our clients.

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Based in Coquitlam, Nicholson Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping services, both in landscape installations and landscape maintenance. With over 20 years of experience, and extensive education, we can restore your garden to its former glory, create a brand new look or simply maintain its current appearance. If you can imagine it, we can build it. We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing high quality landscaping with friendly, knowledgeable and timely customer service.

Your Journeyman Landscape Professional for ALL your Landscaping Needs

Landscape Construction Contractor

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coquitlam_landscaperIn today’s world of green thinking we at Nicholson Landscaping are a landscaping contractor that prefers to use organic gardening practices whenever possible. Owner and operator Ryan Nicholson was trained in the skills of organic gardening while studying landscaping practices in Germany due to the EU’s ban on many chemicals in residential landscape maintenance.

Organic Gardening

We establish the foundation for organic gardening through preventative gardening techniques, for example, keeping the lawn healthy and thick to prevent lawn weeds from growing and designing flower beds to take advantage of the sunlight and soil readily available. We encourage composting yard clippings and leaves to provide a free, organic fertilizer for the plants and trees. We also utilize proper pruning techniques to prevent trees from falling ill by promoting their proper shape and form.

We believe a beautiful garden is a healthy garden free of potentially toxic herbicides and pesticides that can easily sustain itself with
just a little help from you.coquitlam-landscaping

Ryan Nicholson was trained in Germany and achieved trade certification in garden and landscape installation and maintenance.

Our company is also a proud member of the BCLNA and is a certified interlocking paving stone installer with ICPI.