Not sure which plants will fit in which area or your property?  Would like some stone work done but don't know exactly what type?  Have a tight budget but still want a beautiful garden?  Let us help you.  We can design any property to fit the needs and budget of the client.  Avoiding the high cost of a landscape architect or designer is what we do.  With our vast knowledge of plants and stone we can design you garden quickly and affordable, but still provide you with the landscape of your dreams.

Don't like gardening? Or you would rather spend your weekends just enjoying it rather that working on it?  We can design a low maintenance planting so that you can spend more time with your family and less time on your hands and knees.  By introducing native plants from BC or drought resistant plants we can take the work out of garden work.

Would you like to have many tropical or exotic plants?  We can do that too.  After design and installation we can either maintain the plants for you or give you tips on doing it yourself, the choice is yours.

Would you like a rock garden where you lawn currently is?  We can design a garden do resemble a dried up creek bed.  With a few plants and evergreen trees you will have to spend very little time working in the garden if any.  A look at this design and installation is available in our projects page.