Grass to Garden

In today’s Eco friendly environment many homeowners are moving away from high maintenance lawns and installing artificial grass, paving, and/or plantings. In order to keep a lawn healthy all year round requires chemical fertilizers, weekly mowing and watering to name a few maintenance chores. Also the European chaefer beetle has become an issue in the lower mainland and eco friendly pesticides are proving ineffective, plus a possible watering ban on lawns, make it very difficult to keep a lush and healthy lawn.

We at Nicholson Landscaping are designing landscapes without lawns in the plan. We design a garden in the lawns place using low maintenance, drought tolerant plants with large boulders to blend nicely with BC nature. We also like to add, natural stone stepping stones and small patios with landscape lighting for the finishing touches. Plus artificial grass. Many of our clients are very happy with the results. The time savings is a bit hit with everyone. We would highly recommend installing a more eco friendly planting in your yard to help conserve water, use less chemical fertilizers and give the homeowner more free time. We are also the opinion that watching plants flower and grow is a simple pleasure in life. Call us now for a free consultation. ​