Anmore Landscape Renovation

A wonderful couple moved into a older home in Anmore that needed a landscape renovation. This project started with a design done by us Nicholson Landscaping. The wife is very knowledgeable with plants and gardening and immediately loved our design, which included many flowering plants in a rock area with a stepping stone pathway.

We started with installing a large boulder wall with basalt stepping stone stairs in the wall. Some boulders were already on site but we trucked in 3 more loads of boulders to complete the wall. At the top of the wall we installed a 5 stone Gurgler with rocks, plus lighting and more basalt stepping stones. Gurglers are always a lovely feature as they need no maintenance as its a pond less water feature. We always love to install any water feature first and let it run as the sound of splashing water is good for the soul. ​

During construction we noticed that the concrete pad has been washed out and was not sloping towards the house. To fix this problem we replaced the large concrete pad with paving stones, which we warranty from any puddling or sloping the wrong way. To build this patio with the proper slope we had to reinstall the Allan block wall along the edge of the patio. Making the wall and patio 100% flush with each other.

We also installed new grass next to the patio and built a earth wall in the back “wild area” to eventually plant wild plants on top to try and hide the neighbors property over time. These lovely people also had us back later to install more of the basalt stairs and another smaller boulder wall on the other side of the property.