Chafer Beetle Problem in the Tri Cities

Oh No the lawns have took some serious damage in the Tri Cities area this winter.  The chafer beetle has found its way here from Vancouver and now the raccoons and birds are having a winter feast and tearing up our lawns that we spend a lot of time and money trying to keep nice and thick and green.  What can we do?

The standard environmentally friendly treatment of nematodes just doesn’t cut it.   These microscopic worms only feed on the larva of the beetle and only work for a few weeks every summer and is not 100% effective.  Often requiring many treatments over many years.  The best way to treat them is like all things in mother nature, preventative measures, like keeping your grass strong and healthy.

We at Nicholson Landscaping can clean up the mess you are facing this year, physically remove all beetle larva and install a new lawn for you, including a simple professional maintenance schedule that you can do on your own.  We could also redesign the lawn area into a beautiful planted area or a rock garden.  We are only limited by our imagination.

So this spring don’t hesitate to call the professionals for high quality results and outstanding customer service.

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