Why shouldn’t estimates and prices quoted to customers be in dollars per square foot?

Unlike manufacturers, contractors sell labor hours and not square  feet (m2) of pavers. No two jobs have identical work or materials. One job may be a walk in front of a house with easy access from the street. Another job may  be at the rear of the house on a confined lot where all materials must be brought  in a wheelbarrow to the rear yard. Therefore, no contractor can realistically provide a price quote in dollars per square foot, and, certainly no estimate should be developed or quote provided without first visiting the site.

My grass never does well in the shady part of my property.  What can I do about it?

Most grass needs between 6-8 hours of sunlight everyday to preform well.  If this does not happen it can die back or devolop large amounts of moss.  To help control this problem you can do two things.  Apply lime to help raise the pH level in the soil and stop the moss growth or don’t have grass in this area, instead plant a shady garden with shade tolerant plants and trees in these areas.  Or you can overseed these areas every spring once the temperate does not go down below 10 degrees celcius.

How do I keep the weeds out of my grass and flower beds?

Lawn weeds usually grow in areas where the lawn is barren or weak.  To prevent this try to maintain your lawn so it always has a thick dense turf.  You can do this by mowing the lawn regularly (once a week) and applying a turf building fertilizer every 6-8 weeks starting in April, plus keeping it longer during the summer months will prevent moss growth in the winter.

To prevent weeds from growing in your beds starts with the bed design.  The more open dirt areas the more weeds will grow.  Planting a ground cover or spreading bark mulch is an excellent organic way of minimizing weeding in your flower beds.  There are also chemical application options.  Please consult us for further details.